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Hi there. I am currently working on an ongoing project that strives to capture anyone who identifies as a woman in moments that they feel most beautiful. The goal is to reclaim our beauty. Reclaim our power as a woman and in doing so reclaim our own bodies. I want this project to be a showcase for the many different types of physical bodies identify as feminine while also being a tool to help individuals reclaim their confidence in their own beauty. The divine feminine comes in many forms and is a force to be reckoned with. I want to show the raw power of this force through a multi-media project that will span over many years. 


Guidelines for shooting with me on this project are as follows:

1. Identify as a woman (you do not have to be a cisgender female to participate) 

2. Decide what feminine beauty means to you - when do you feel most beautiful/confident?  

3. Pick a place that you feel most beautiful/powerful/comfortable that is either outside or has really great natural lighting 

4. Decide what you want to wear or not wear (a huge piece of this project deals with reclaiming your body so if you feel bold enough to shoot nude or implied nude know that it will be done with respect and consent for all images taken) 

5. All final images will be reviewed with you for approval prior to any kind of publishing 

Other forms of media that I am seeking: 


written pieces

spoken word



Have a piece that you feel fits this project? Please let me know. I love creative collaboration. You will receive full credit for any original work you contribute to the project. 

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